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MK Excavation is one of top excavation firms in Oklahoma excavation services . Stillwater earthwork is our primary concentration as an excavator. We have the heavy equipment needed to shape the soil for a wide range of private, municipal, and commercial projects, and we work closely with landowners, general contractors, and site inspectors to ensure that each step is completed according to design requirements. We have vehicles to transport our equipment and supplies, allowing us to properly manage a project’s scope.

Oklahoma Excavation ServicesWe provide demolition services and will oversee all aspects of the job, starting with sewer capping and obtaining any necessary permissions. We carry the waste to a certified landfill and the concrete to our yard for recycling after conducting our excavator Stillwater services in excavation oklahoma city, ok . We grade the land once the demolition is finished to guarantee adequate drainage.

Our investment in GPS technology enables us to render grade to construction requirements for site work on commercial building pads and parking lots in a timely and exact manner. Excavator Stillwater services include undercutting construction pads, placing select fill while monitoring moisture content for proper compaction, and hauling and placing ag-base for home expansions, restaurants, apartment complexes, and retail establishments. Installing silt fence, flexamat, and hauling and placing rip-rap are all part of the erosion control process. We also sell proctor-tested select fill soil from our dirt pit on the southwest side of town to the Stillwater region. Please contact us for additional information about choosing fill dirt for sale.

We build house pads, whether they are in a subdivision or in the rural woods, to guarantee adequate site drainage and to fulfill engineer criteria for compaction and soil type as required. If an excavator in Stillwater, we construct driveways, ensure proper site drainage prior to rock placement, and install tin horns as needed. Hundreds of ponds have been constructed around Oklahoma. Ponds are built for a variety of purposes, as many as the grounds on which they are built. Contact us an online at

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